This artist turns everyday items into hilarious optical illusions #Artist

#Artist | Scrolling through my Instagram recommendations the other day, a strange horse appeared on my timeline. It was made of clothes on a clothing line; it made me smile and made me curious about the artist behind it. And that’s how I discovered Helga Stentzel. She creates fun and quirky images from everyday stuff, turning something […]
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Peeps Grass Will Make Your Easter Basket Smell Like Marshmallows

#Basket | Please do not eat the grass.
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35 Easter and Spring Book List for Kids

#Spring | By: Courtney Byrne Books make the perfect addition to an Easter basket! Whether you are looking for books about Easter or spring books there are plenty to choose from in this post. Below is a list of 50 Easter and Spring books for kids. Many are under $5 and even more are under $10. I’ll […]
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