McDonald rsquo s new fried chicken sandwiches are a huge improvement But do they stack up to Popeyes and KFC #Chicken Sandwiches

#Chicken Sandwiches | You’ll notice three new chicken sandwiches on the menu, which may allow it to compete against the popular offerings from Popeyes, Chick-fil-A and KFC.
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2 Tools You NEED to Accurately Retouch Portraits amp Other Detailed Images VIDEO

#Images | Many photographers consider beauty retouching a difficult and arcane art. And while you can make this task as simple or as complicated as you want, with the proper tools photographers of all skill levels can dramatically increase the quality of their results.
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Easy Blueberry and Lemon Crumble Cake

#Blueberry | Deliciously soft & moist cake packed with blueberries & a hint of lemon. Topped with a crumble topping. Easiest simple cake recipe ever!
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