What Is Coupon Stacking and How Does it Work #Work

#Work | Coupon stacking is a great way to get even more savings at the store. Learn how to use this method – and even the stores where you can still do this!
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Papercut Sunflower

#Sunflower | Learn to do papercutting via a new book for Schiffer Publishing, Papercutting – Geometric Designs Inspired by Nature. A 3-copy giveaway sponsored by Schiffer is underway on the blog through 8/24/19. US UK CN: https://ift.tt/3qTXbSc…
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What My Kids Are Saving For And How They Are Doing It

#Kids | We live in a fast-paced world. We send texts to talk without having to wait for a call to be answered. We like our packages to arrive in 24 hours. As great as this is,
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