Ethanol Plant Using Treated GMO Corn Poisons Town #Corn

#Corn | The company AltEn secured a free source of corn to make ethanol by billing itself as a “recycling” plant that accepts seeds treated with pesticides, including toxic neonicotinoids. The resulting waste is too contaminated to sell as feed for animals, so AltEn has been spreading the waste on farmland and holding the rest of it on the grounds surrounding the plant.
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Build Stronger Glutes With This 20 Minute Drop Set Dumbbell Workout

#Drop | Give your butt exercises a challenging twist with this 20-minute drop-set dumbbell glute workout — all you need is a pair of heavy and light dumbbells.
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The Best Dalgona Coffee Chocolate Cake

#Chocolate Cake | Adding silky, whipped Dalgona coffee to a fudgy chocolate cake is even better and more delicious than the coffee drink itself!
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