Pooches Are Period mdash The Victorian Belly Curve in Art amp Real Life #Mdash

#Mdash | Let’s talk bodies, shall we? Specifically, Victorian bellies. Body image is a sensitive topic that can’t be adequately covered in a simple blog post, but the goal of this article is to challenge the myth that Victorian corsetry is intended to flatten the stomach while cinching the waist. In fact, corsetry was and is mo
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How to Roast Garlic amp 10 Ways to Use it

#Roast | How to Roast Garlic + 10 Recipes. Roasted Garlic is an amazing flavor boost for so many recipes. From soup to sandwiches, pasta and more.
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Parmesan Herb Chicken Mushroom and Orzo Skillet

#Skillet | Parmesan Herb Chicken, Mushroom and Orzo Skillet is a one pan, easy to make, comfort food dinner the whole family will love!
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