An advent calendar

#Calendar |  I’m more dedicated than ever to have a festive-in-all-the-best-ways Christmas at home. Putting this Advent calendar together the other day made me feel downright giddy. I was so excited for the kids to come up and see the Christmas tree in their homeschool space, I was so excited to dry and string the oranges, IRead More »
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Scrambling on rocks at Halibut Point State Park

#Rocks | Two little boys, two very energetic pairs of feet, late summer, and acres of rocks to jump around while their Mom calls after them be careful! Rocks have no give to them! This would be a really inconvenient place to have an ambulance pick you up, you know?! The place? Halibut Point State Park. ComingRead More »
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Best gingersnaps EVER

#Gingersnaps | a few years ago, when i was at my sister’s house, she had a few dozen of these ginger snaps.  homemade and staying fresh on her kitchen counter in a big ziplock bag.  we were about to sit down for the evening when she went and grabbed it before plopping down on the sofa.  sheRead More »
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