Copy Cat DIY White Clay Flower Pots Tutorial

#Tutorial | I’m not going to mention any brand names here (I don’t want to step on any toes!), but have you seen those adorable white clay pots with simple words, written in black, that are popping up everywhere?  Not only are there flower pots, there are mugs, plates, trays, tea pots – all sorts of goodies. … Read More about Copy Cat DIY White Clay Flower Pots Tutorial
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Como emagrecer rapido com exercicios e perder peso

#Emagrecer | Como emagrecer rápido com exercícios e perder peso, Aqui estão os melhores exercícios para você queimar gordura e perder peso em casa rapido e simples…
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22 Breastfeeding Snacks You Can Toss in Your Purse

#Breastfeeding | A unique list of best packaged snacks for breastfeeding that are perfect to grab and go for busy Moms. These healthy breastfeeding snacks are all clean, low in sugar, contain protein, free of additives, support milk supply and can be eaten one handed.
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