The best crackers for a lighter cheese board perfect for Thanksgiving

#Crackers | As a hostess, this is always a challenge for me, one that I solve by laying out a lighter cheese board for my guests to snack on until dinner is served. To make this appetizer truly lightweight, I like to use deliciously light 34 Degrees crackers.
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Start LOSING WEIGHT now Simple POWER WALK workout no equipment WALK Off the Weight Day 1 bull Pahla B Fitness

#Fitness | It’s DAY ONE of WALK Off the Weight for Women over 50, a 31-day program designed especially to help women in menopause to LOSE WEIGHT.
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30 Minute LOW IMPACT Walking with Weights Workout for Women over 50 bull Pahla B Fitness

#Women | It’s everybody’s favorite – we’re WALKING with WEIGHTS today in a fantastic low impact routine that’s perfect for women over 50!
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