Dundee Cake

#Cake | Добавить рецепт в избранное!Штоллен (нем. Stollen или нем. Christstollen) — традиционная рождественская выпечка — кекс с ярким, насыщенным вкусом, рецепт которого родился в Германии и давно завоевал весь мир.  Завоевал, …
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Our Favorite Red Blushes for Fall 2020

#Red | Red blush is an innovative way to change up your typical face makeup look. Here, we round up our favorite cherry blush products to try.
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How to Wear Blush With a Protective Face Mask

#Wear | By changing the placement and texture of your blush, you can still show off flushed cheeks while wearing a face mask. A celebrity makeup artist explains how.
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