1980s Vietri DeSimone King amp Queen Figures

#Queen | Hard to find DeSimone (by Vietri) king and queen. She is holding a flower; he is holding a sword. Excellent condition. Vibrant colors!
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Sunset Portrait ndash Strobist Setup ndash Lighting Scheme

#Ndash | Sunset Portrait – Strobist Setup – Lighting Scheme :: 54ka best Best idea canon canon 430 EX II creative Crosslighting custom light DIY fancy flash girl Haw to Hawto Hina Ichigo Cosplay idea info inspiration learn LIGHT Lighting Scheme Lighting Tricks
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The Dry Martini Cocktail You Should Know How to Make

#Should Know | The classic Dry Martini is an elegant and easy-to-make drink that should be in any cocktail enthusiast’s repertoire.
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