The Best Historical Fiction Books for 2021 Anticipated

#Books | I’m looking forward to a lot of the 2021 historical fiction releases that will be released soon. There’s a bunch of exciting new titles on the horizon covering a range of time periods. I’m personally most excited about Kate Quinn’s upcoming novel, The Rose Code, and I’m curious about Laura Pucell’s The Shape of Darkness …
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Ginger Spiced Molasses Cookies bull nbsp Olive amp Mango

#Molasses Cookies | Soft, chewy and deep in colour and flavour
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Instant Pot Dump Start Creamy Ziti

#Instant Pot | Oh, hi! Just Martha freaking Stewart over here! I have some other content in the works, but I’ve honestly been cooking and creating recipes nonstop. It’s hard not to share such delicious (and easy!) recipes. I created this recipe for the big kids. We’ve been eating so much pizza — from frozen to takeout —…Read More
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