Curricula Overlap ndash Using More than 1 Curriculum Per Subject

#Ndash | Are you ever worried that you’re not doing enough in your homeschool? That is me all. the. time. I always feel the need to add more and more into our schedule. It might sound a little crazy, but I’ve found that adding additional resources to our curriculum can sometimes put my mind at ease. IfRead more
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How To Make Slime At Home With a Secret Ingredient you have at home

#Slime | Learn how to make slime that is soft, stretchy and easy to make! This basic slime recipe is so much of fun to play with and includes a how to make slime video. Have you
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Don t Quit Real Homeschool Days Are Life

#Life | There are many times when we want to quit. All the interruptions in our days feel like a problem, instead they are an opportunity for real life teaching.
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