Modern Plus Sign Quilts Book

#Quilts | I am so excited to share my love of the classic plus sign design in my first book, Modern Plus Sign Quilts!  I co-authored the book with Pai…
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Franks and Beans with Mac and Cheese

#Mac And Cheese | This recipe was developed in partnership with Smith’s. Here’s an oldie but goodie! Franks and beans. A childhood favorite for many. We’re pairing up this classic duo with another tasty combo — macaroni and cheese, then adding a side of broccoli slaw for a complete easy family-friendly meal. Franks and Beans with Homemade Mac and […]
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Little Lamb Kofta Meatballs Appetizing Gems

#Lamb | Meatballs. Yes, please. There must be many hundreds of different varieties. Never met an omnivore who doesn’t love the meatball concept. And lamb kofta
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