How to Look More Feminine and Put Together as a Stay at Home Mom

#Mom | Here are 5 ways you can incorporate femininity into your style to make you feel and look more feminine at the comfort of your home.
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Children s Books about the Christmas Story

#Books | Last year I totally dropped the ball in the Christmas book department. We went to the library the Monday after Thanksgiving, ready to fill our bags with good reads. Instead, we found every Christmas book checked out except a questionable chewed on board book. Yuck! This year, I’ve learned my lesson. In fact, I kept […]
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Living Chapter Books for Kids What We Read This Year

#Books | Inside you’ll find: my boys favorite chapter books we read this year. Most of them I’d say fit the category of living books! 2017 was the year we really started diving into chapter books. I’ve been dreaming about this stage in life since before I was married! Sharing fantastic stories and adventures within the pages […]
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