DIY Murphy Bed Project from a Kit

#Bed | Friends, do you want or need a guest room but have no space? Maybe what
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Merida Mexico The Perfect Base for Day Trips Around the Yucatan With Video

#Mexico | When our trip through Central Asia was coming to an end, we started thinking about the 2.5 month gap we had between being in Canada for Christmas and our pet-sitting job in Grenada. We both agreed that our recent trip through one of the least touristy regions in the world was not only adventurous and exciting, but […]
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Exploring The Culinary Side of Guanajuato with Mexico Street Food Tours

#Mexico | As you may have noticed, we’ve become a bit obsessed with Mexican cuisine, and have discovered that going on a culinary tour is one of the best ways to learn about the food that’s from the region, and have a guided tour of the city as well. During our stay in Guanajuato (which wasn’t nearly long enough), […]
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