How To Become A Witch 9 Amazing Tips For Baby Witches

#Tips | If you want to learn how to become a witch, the guide ahead will teach you what to study, how to find other witches, where to learn about witchcraft, what spells to start with, and so much more!
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Open and Closed Syllables Games and Activities

#Games | Learning to read and write open and closed syllables is a foundational skill for multisyllabic decoding.  Learning to read part of a word helps students break down longer words into more manageable chunks and assists students in discovering patterns in spelling words. Teaching and giving students practice working with open and closed syllables is a must for…Read More »
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Avengers Birthday Party

#Party | Avengers assemble! Tots ran by and capes flew high at this super-powered birthday bash! Keeping with an Avengers theme, we pulled element…
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