9 Simple Exercises To Reduce Inner Thigh Fat

#Inner | In order to stay fit and cope up with the hectic lifestyle pattern, it’s necessary to stay fit and even look perfect. At once if the body puts on some extra kilos it start showing[…]
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Superheroes Birthday Cake

#Birthday Cake | A coworker of mine recently showed me a couple of pictures from Pinterest and asked if I could make a similar cake/cupcake combo for her…
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DIY newborn posing stand full tutorial Dog bed newborn poser

#Tutorial | I’ve become obsessed with this dog bed stand, and have taken it to a new level. Here is my updated tutorial to build your own dog bed newborn poser! My last post described how I added an adjustable backdrop to the dog bed…but it wasn’t good enough for me. I decided I needed to raiser […]
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