Jonie s Long Gray Hair Transition

#Gray Hair | After 30+ years of dyeing, Jonie, the founder of Silver Revolution, decided to ditch the dye and let her long brunette hair go gorgeously gray! Check out her tips for transitioning to gray at 50.
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Baked Spiced Brown Sugar Donuts

#Donuts | These Baked Spiced Brown Sugar Donuts are filled with warm fall spices and glazed with an irresistible butter maple glaze!
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The Best Avocado Donut Baked amp Made with Almond Flour

#Almond Flour | Soft, sweet and packed with avocado (like a WHOLE avocado), these avo donuts are gluten-free, low-carb and packed with nutrition. They make the best guilt-free paleo desserts.
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