Homemade Fry Bread

#Fry | Follow my blog with Bloglovin Flat pieces of dough deep-fried to fluffiness perfection… Fry Bread is such a special treat!  Right when it comes out of the hot skillet, you can literally put anything on it.  When I was growing up, melted oozing butter with sprinkled cinnamon and sugar was always my favorite. In fact, … Read More about Homemade Fry Bread
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How to check for seeds viability

#Seeds | Here a story that I would like to share on how to check for seeds viability. It’s now in March here in London. Spring this year has arrive early and it’s now gone a bit (it’s been some strong cold winds around lately). It’s time […]
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Magnolia Seed Pod

#Seed | A few days ago I picked this green seed pd from a tree while out bicycling. I thought I would try blowing it up. Before I could do that it decided to force ripen itself and force out a squirm of seeds. The result was really fun looking and deserved a few photographs. It looks like a lunch snack for the Predator… Cheers.
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